Bad Playstyle: A video game book club

Bad Playstyle: A video game book club

Bad Playstyle is a book club podcast. We all sit down and play the same game and hopefully you have too so you can be intellectually engaged with our discussion. We generally aim for shorter games that have a start to finish of six hours or less.

Spoilers: The games we play for each episode will absolutely be spoiled and any others that come up in conversation can potentially be in the line of fire. Each episode's show notes will list all games mentioned. It is recommended that you check an episode's show notes before listening to it if you are sensitive to spoilers.

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    End of year drinking game 2018

    We drink beers and rank all the games we played since the start of bad playstyle. Drink along with us! if your favorite part of every episode of BP is the part before we start talking about that weeks game this will be your favorite episode

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    Ep 34 - Shadowrun: Hong Kong "A different word for dirt bag"

    The folks over at bad playstyle talk shadowrun this week. many trolls and elves to be had. so tune up your wired reflexes and make other references to sci fi genres that are slowly becoming retro futures. I hope you enjoy! (nobody else does, only me)

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    Ep 32 - Metro 2033 "the game cheats"

    In this deep dive in the complex emotions surrounding yet another Russian videogame the boys start yelling and sam fisher fights a psychic teenager. all this and more on this episode of the bad playstyle cast

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    Ep 26 - The Final Station “the iron dumbass”

    echoes of gunpoint and the frustration that brings, along with the type of environmental storytelling bethesda wishes they could ape await the fellas in this episodes game: the finals station.

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    Ep 25 - Rimworld “Shameboy"

    Rimworld is a game that will devour all of your free time with its cloying loops and charming pawns. I have zero problems with this. come listen to our experiences with the game!

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    Ep 24 - Tacoma "Willy Wonka hates the internet"

    we recorded this a while ago but I lost it due to poor record keeping. it has some small problems with being stereo so the whole thing is mono, which makes it a bit louder than you are maybe used to. I hope you enjoy it! There are also a few tiny sections where the audio is just missing.

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    Ep 17 - Domina (for real now) "It spanks"

    we played domina this week. domina is a deep and involving story (no it doesnt) some people throw the bronze stromae into a garbage truck. keynan bought destiny 2 ibb and obb is a delightful game.

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    Ep 15 - Duck Season "28 duck seasons later"

    we played duck season and Keynan can't decide on a wrestling moment this week. Owen has a happy ending and gets to play some knock off mexican final fantasy. those other two weirdos have a little more trouble; did she say keys or knife? either way stress level zero are experts at atmosphere.

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    Ep 14 - Deadbolt “Mad gun disease”

    The guys talk about why war of the chosen may be the best xcom experience to date and then hash out why deadbolt does what it do.

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    Ep 13 - Lisa “Tardis filled with crystal meth”

    IMPORTANT we say in the episode that we play Domina next week. we do not, we play a game called Deadbolt. Our hosts talk about trauma and video games. thanks hbomberguy. strong feelings all around this discussion of Lisa.

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    Ep 12 - Cibele “Skinny Anime Boy”

    Our hosts dive deep into their feeling and discover things they didn't want to think about ever again. They also discover that your entire squad dying to an attic dweller in PUBG is what teamwork is all about.

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    Ep 11 - Flashback “Great Data Loss”

    Apologies on the tiny episode this time around. Final aftershocks of the technical difficulties involved in using a terrible laptop.

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    Ep 10 - Brigador “Steam Controller Apologist”

    We’re so excited to talk about Brigador we jump right in and completely forget what we were playing that week. In case you can’t tell, we like this game. We settle the season 1 Chicken Hat score.

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    Ep 09 - Californium “Where can they find Don S. Davis’ Ghost?”

    We finally let Matt talk about fish. Discuss Star Trek: Bridge Crew, Californium, and finally finish recording this episode for the third time!

    Note: There are some remaining audio issues from the old laptop that died on us in this episode, please bear with us.

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    Ep 07 - Moirai “Fuck Beat Cop"

    The daemons of the internet claimed the life of our recording of us talking about beat cop. We hated Beat Cop so thoroughly that we did not record a replacement episode.

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    Ep 06 - Quadrilateral Cowboy “Skeletons All The Way Down”

    We talk about PUBG, Owen teaches us about turban wearing tiger riding Elves warring with him, and Matt talks about many games! This episode’s focus is Quadrilateral Cowboy, a Blendo Games game.

    Note: This episode has some serious audio issues and as the good officers down in engineering put it, “It’s as fixed as it’s going to get”. Please bear with us, this episode and the next were HEAVILY corrupted.

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    Ep 05 - Beholder “The internet is IN America”

    We go over Beholder, what it is, what it isn’t and what we do and don’t like. Then we get into what we say when people want our reddit page for themselves. Lots of shade thrown at games in this one folks.

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    Ep 04 - Inside “Get gibbed like it’s 1999”

    In this episode we discuss House of the Dying Sun, Warframe, Hitman, Her Story, LA Noire, and the game of the week Inside. It’s a big week full of discussions of lots of story based experiences and some interesting and fun conversation around them.

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    Ep 02 - Oxenfree “My fetish is YOUR brothers”

    We break down Oxenfree, who’s endearing, spooky submarine ghosts, and who is an insufferable bitch with special guest ‘Elise from downstairs’. Then we discuss what we’ve been playing, Steam Greenlight being shut down, and some VR games.

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    Ep 01 - Doom (2016) “Product Goals Achieved”

    In our inaugural episode we talking about Doom (2016) it’s strange legacy, ask why it is here, and talk about what works, how it shouldn’t keep working down the line, and how it combats normal modern shooter dynamics by recombinating some of it’s very own DNA. Then we get into what we’ve been playing, and some cool things we’ve run into lately.

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