Bad Playstyle: A video game book club

Bad Playstyle: A video game book club

Bad Playstyle is a book club podcast. We all sit down and play the same game and hopefully you have too so you can be intellectually engaged with our discussion. We generally aim for shorter games that have a start to finish of six hours or less.

Spoilers: The games we play for each episode will absolutely be spoiled and any others that come up in conversation can potentially be in the line of fire. Each episode's show notes will list all games mentioned. It is recommended that you check an episode's show notes before listening to it if you are sensitive to spoilers.

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    Ep 33 - Shadowrun: Hong Kong "A different word for dirt bag"

    The folks over at bad playstyle talk shadowrun this week. many trolls and elves to be had. so tune up your wired reflexes and make other references to sci fi genres that are slowly becoming retro futures. I hope you enjoy! (nobody else does, only me)

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    Ep 31 - Metro 2033 "the game cheats"

    In this deep dive in the complex emotions surrounding yet another Russian videogame the boys start yelling and sam fisher fights a psychic teenager. all this and more on this episode of the bad playstyle cast

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    Ep 25 - The Final Station “the iron dumbass”

    echoes of gunpoint and the frustration that brings, along with the type of environmental storytelling bethesda wishes they could ape await the fellas in this episodes game: the finals station.

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